Objective Talent Identification

The COPA Score is an objective composite score derived from our advanced measurement technologies assessing essential technical, physical, and cognitive abilities under standardized conditions. We have assessed thousands of athletes, from recreational youth to elite professionals, utilizing our COPA Score protocol to establish critical skill benchmarks which are used to effectively identify an athlete’s development needs and objectively compare players.


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As a Talent Identification tool, the COPA Score is designed to be a “pre-tryout” sorting methodology. The COPA Score can be used to identify, out of thousands of athletes, those players which have basic fundamental characteristics of performance which are equal to or better than an existing peer group or team of players being established for comparison, and thus worthy of consideration for a more complete and total try-out evaluation by a coaching staff. The COPA Score can become a crucial distinguishing performance metric for Coach and Athlete alike.
Unearthing New Opportunities
For individual players, the COPA Score can be an alternative pathway for selection and a tool to provide visibility to organizations they may not have traditionally been exposed to. High achievers may elect to have their scores sent to global and domestic partners of COPA STC who rely on the COPA Score to supplement their subjective player identification efforts. In roughly 60 minutes, your life could completely change….
Gamified Development
After you complete the COPA Score, Algorithms analyze your individual data points against our large proprietary database to provide an in-depth analysis of your data. No matter how you perform, you will receive useful, engaging, and actionable feedback that empowers you to own your own development. The COPA Score scorecard gamifies the you vs you challenge of fulfilling your potential. Through comparative data analysis, our sports science team identifies your strengths and areas of improvement relative to athletes of the same age and gender. This critical data creates prescribed training recommendations to optimize your development. Achieving your goals and aspirations becomes an objective reality with The COPA Score. Nowhere else in the world does this level of physical and technological gamification of player development exist together.

Analyzing your progress over time by re-taking the COPA Score will keep you engaged and motivated to be consistent and intentional about your development. Our tailor made approach to each unique individual ensures that a players journey is created and owned by them. The COPA Score ensures ownership and opportunity for all aspirational young soccer players.
Advanced Measurement Technologies


The COPA Score systematically collects objective data in a technologically enhanced “Laboratory” environment. These technologies were hand-selected after collaborating with specific clubs that excel in their youth player development programs and with early stage cutting edge sports technology companies.
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COPA STC’s skills.lab Arena is one of the most advanced soccer-specific assessment technologies in the world designed to objectively measure an athlete’s technical and cognitive capabilities.
It was first featured at Real Madrid and is now incorporated at many of the top clubs in Europe including FC Bayern Munich, Red Bull Leipzig, and Bayer Leverkusen. COPA STC’s SpeedCourt is a responsiveness training and assessment device embedded with contact sensors mirrored on a television screen to engage athletes with real-time feedback on their ability to react and change direction.
A 30-yard speed testing and training track that uses a contact sensor at the starting line and infrared timing gates to measure top speed and 2.5-, 5-, 10-, 20-, and 30-yard split times.


While our advanced measurement technologies are able to effectively measure executive function, decision making, passing, ball control, finishing, speed, strength, and agility skills, the COPA Score is not intended to be a comprehensive total evaluation of all aspects of what makes a complete soccer player. Many important characteristics, including attitude, locker room presence, coachability, tenacity, tactical knowledge, communication, defending and other elements are not encapsulated within a COPA Score. As such, the COPA Score is focused only on basic core fundamental data points, which can be objectively measured, cost effectively, and at scale, across millions of athlete’s.
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