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Receive a comprehensive player assessment, play in front of college recruiters in a 11v11 exhibition game, and have all of your assessment data shared with college coaches. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain exposure, and grab recruiters’ attention like never before!

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COPA’s goal is to become the global standard for both player identification and assessment-oriented youth development in the sport of soccer. We strive to elevate the performance of every young soccer player and to see them reach their full potential.
Advanced Measurement Technologies


COPA STC systematically collects objective data in a technologically enhanced “Laboratory” environment. These technologies were hand-selected after collaborating with specific clubs that excel in their youth player development programs and with early stage cutting edge sports technology companies.
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This proprietary technology offers an immersive experience designed to assess and train 360-degree spatial awareness, passing accuracy, and speed of play. Well researched tool highlighting its validity and reliability in the assessment of football-specific tasks.
It was first featured at Real Madrid and is now incorporated at many of the top clubs in Europe including FC Bayern Munich, Red Bull Leipzig, and Bayer Leverkusen. COPA STC’s SpeedCourt is a responsiveness training and assessment device embedded with contact sensors mirrored on a television screen to engage athletes with real-time feedback on their ability to react and change direction.
A 30-yard speed testing and training track that uses a contact sensor at the starting line and infrared timing gates to measure top speed and 2.5-, 5-, 10-, 20-, and 30-yard split times.


A lab grade assessment tool, that precisely identifies an athletes force capabilities. Jump tests are used to understand lower body power, a key attribute in soccer.

Cognitive Testing

Vienna Test System is a comprehensive psychological assessment tool used to measure cognitive abilities and executive functions, such as inhibition, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. For football players, this system can help identify strengths and weaknesses in decision-making, strategic thinking, and reaction times.

Adam Cooper

Saint Mary’s College of CA,
Divsion I Head Coach

College Director

COPA College ID Camps are led by Saint Mary’s College of CA Divsion I Head Coach, Adam Cooper. “Coop” has been the head coach at SMC since 2006 and has taken them to unprecedented heights winning numerous championships and awards. He has developed many players that have been drafted by MLS and gone on to play profressional level.


Boys Schedule:
GIRLS Schedule:
COPA Soccer Training Center
Ygnacio Valley High School Stadium
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COPA Soccer Training Center
Ygnacio Valley High School Stadium

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San Jose St. | Division I

Simon Tobin

USF | Division I

Chris Brown

Academy of Art | Division Il

Danny Kirkland

Dominican University| Division Il

David Frank

Sonoma St. | Division Il

Marcus Ziemer


UC DAVIS | Division I

Tracy Hamm

USF | Division I

Pinder Nijjar

CSU East Bay | Division Il

Anne Whipple

Dominican University | Division Il

Kellis Johnson

SF State| Division Il

John DeMartini


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Where will the camp take place?
Assessment — COPA Soccer Training Center – 2640 Shadelands Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
11v11 Games — Ygnacio Valley High School Stadium: 755 Oak Grove Rd, Concord, CA 94518
What happens if my child is injured or sick during camp?
A certified athletic trainer will be present throughout the duration of camp and will be prepared to deal with any emergencies that should arise. Parents will be contacted in the event of an emergency.
What is your refund policy?
All registrations are final, with no refunds offered. If you sustain an injury and cannot participate, please contact us at adamc@copastc.com with a doctor’s note to discuss potential accommodations.
What do I bring to camp? What do campers wear?
Campers will need cleats and shin guards for the 11v11 games. Cleats are not permitted inside COPA STC and campers should wear futsal / running / training shoes for their assessment portion of the camp.
If it rains will camp be canceled?
Camp goes ahead rain or shine. The 11v11 games will take place on a turf field (coaches on the field will manage any danger from lightning).
Do I need to submit a release form and health record in order to participate?
When registering your athlete, you will be asked to read and accept COPA’s release and liability waiver.
Can a camper arrive early or late?
Please stay within the drop off time for the beginning of camp, and promptly picked up at the conclusion.
Are parents allowed to watch?
Attendance at the field is encouraged. Attendance at COPA STC for individual assessments is restricted.


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This proprietary technology is an immersive experience designed to train spatial awareness, power, accuracy, speed, footwork, and decision-making skills.
Track and improve your processing speeds, agility, reaction time, and develop efficient and effective movement skills.
With laser sensors staggered across a 30-yard synthetic track, see your results every step of the way immediately projected on the TV screen.