COPA STC Named Official Talent ID Partner of Oakland Roots and Soul Sports Club

COPA Soccer Training Center (COPA STC) proudly announces its partnership as the Official Talent ID Partner of Oakland Roots and Soul Sports Club, a strategic move aimed at revolutionizing talent identification and player development. This multi-year collaboration signifies a powerful synergy between forward-thinking entities committed to discovering and nurturing soccer talent, alongside TSG Hoffenheim, in […]

Leading American Training and Research Facility COPA STC and German Bundesliga Professional Soccer Club TSG Hoffenheim Announce Groundbreaking Science and Research Partnership

COPA Innovation Laboratories, owner of COPA STC, which is a renowned soccer training facility at the forefront of soccer talent identification utilizing cutting-edge technology, and TSG Hoffenheim, a top-tier German Bundesliga professional soccer club, are thrilled to announce their groundbreaking partnership in the field of sports science, research, and innovation. This collaboration aims to take […]

COPA STC and Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club Join Forces to Propel Player Development to New Heights

WATCH NOW COPA Soccer Training Center (COPA STC) and Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club (WCSC) are excited to unveil their renewed commitment to player development for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Expanding on last season’s successful partnership, we’re introducing fresh initiatives to enrich the experience for players and coaches.Innovation remains the cornerstone of our collaboration. This […]

Rebirth through Tech: Embracing a New Path in the Beautiful Game

Hannah Diaz – professional soccer player currently with Orca Kamogawa FC and formerly NWSL Houston DashWhen I came to COPA, I was at a tipping point in my career. Twenty-six, physically in my prime. Japan, France, and the US on my resume. I had competed with and against the top teams and players in the […]


Walnut Creek Surf Soccer Club (WCSC) and COPA Soccer Training Center (COPA STC) continue their commitment to providing innovative player development efforts to their players and coaches for the 2022-2023 season. The partnership between WCSC and COPA STC has pioneered the COPA Score, individual player reports, Team Reports for coaches, and weekly performance training.Objective Assessment: […]

COPA Soccer Training Center’s Mission

Player identification and development in soccer have been heavily influenced by subjective observation. We are changing the game to give everyone an equal opportunity to achieve their goals. Comprehensive Objective Performance Assessment ComprehensiveObjectivePerformanceAssessment COPA’s MissionOur goal is to become the global standard for both player identification and assessment-oriented youth development in the sport of soccer. […]

The COPA Score – The Next Evolution in Soccer

Utilizing their partnership with the Oakland Roots, COPA Soccer Training Center’s trailblazing approach supports player development and takes player identification to a whole new level, providing improved chances for players and organizations to achieve their athletic goals. The Next Evolution in Soccer Goals win games, shape careers, and create legends. Goals also develop the road […]


Methodology COPA Soccer Training Center uses a purposeful practice methodology to help athletes achieve their goals.″Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi.COPA STC strives to combine training methodologies rooted in sports science with cutting-edge technologies to transcend player development and identification through assessment-based training. This data-driven approach provides […]

Diablo Valley Volleyball Club Partners with SpeedLab at COPA Soccer Training Center

Diablo Valley Volleyball Club athletes bring their talent to the most technologically advanced training facility in the Bay Area. Train Today To Succeed Tomorrow COPA Soccer Training Center’s SpeedLab is proud to officially announce its partnership with Diablo Valley Volleyball Club. With COPA’s mission of harnessing the latest in advanced technologies to become the global […]