SpeedLab utilizes a combination of proven training methods, effective technologies and certified coaching. Running and movement techniques are foundational skills used in most sports, yet they are often overlooked. Our expert SpeedLab coaches leverage research-proven training methods from the Running School and GlobalSpeed products to teach and enhance running technique and movement skills. SpeedLab’s goal is to develop more confident athletes, allowing them to succeed in their sport and exercise pursuits.

  • SpeedTrack
  • SpeedCourt
  • Perform-X Treadmills
  • Biomechanical Video Analysis
  • Dynamic Movement Skills Methodology








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SpeedLab an innovative athlete development program dedicated entirely to the enhancement of efficient movement and running skills, explosive speed and confidence in all of its members.
Our mission is to follow an objective approach, through data-driven training methods, expert coaching and engaging technology.
This program is separate to COPA Train, but many members choosing to take part in both.

Every athlete is different, so they need to be trained differently. The SpeedLab Assessment is structured to create a detailed understanding of an athlete’s biomechanics, their motor control in dynamic tasks, speed and agility capabilities, potential injury risks and the efficiency of the neuromuscular system.
With this understanding we create a plan for each athlete, ensuring our coaches know how to best approach your development.

All classes are 55-minutes in length, and feature a structured small group environment with a maximum ratio of 8 athletes to 1 coach. Our expert coaches integrate technology, high-speed video analysis, SpeedCourt® & SpeedTrack®, with our proven methodologies, such as Running Technique and Dynamic Movement Skills™, to re-train the neural pathways, develop strong movement skills and explosive speed in athletes.
Progress tracking and evaluation drives the performance of our athletes, as they get real time feedback and regular progress reports of how they’re developing through our program.

Our coaches are movement and running specialists dedicated to instilling life long skills in others, so they have more success, confidence and joy in their sporting endeavors. They are passionate about youth athlete development and understand the value of creating environments that engage and motivate.
Our staff includes physical therapists, sports scientists, speed specialists and researchers, having held roles in a wide variety of fitness and coaching disciplines. All coaches have a minimum Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and/or 5 years coaching experience. Most have completed advanced education and experience (Masters, Clinical Practice, Certifications, Research etc).

SpeedLab members have experienced significant development in their running and speed skills, making them more efficient on the field. Many have reduced pain and put injuries behind them, with a new improved understanding of how to move. These have translated to more confident athletes!
This development is backed with our objective approach - regular testing of dynamic movement skills, speed, agility and cognitive capabilities.
Average % Improvement in Dynamic Movement Skills after 8 SpeedLab sessions (n=102 athletes):
Ages 8-11 years old: 65%
Ages 12+: 41%

SpeedLab is structed following a Long Term Athlete Development pathway to ensure our members are constantly improving their athletic skills, without skipping the necessary steps. We think long term when we work our youth athletes, but we also understand that development is non-linear. Kids and youths develop at different rates.
Our programs are structured and designed to serve our athlete’s physical development, injury risk reduction and performance enhancement year round. Athletes always need to spend time developing fundamental movement skills, while layering in running technique, speed and acceleration, agility and strength training throughout the year to limit fatigue and ensure progression.
SpeedLab ‘s progressive programs guide athletes of all sporting interests from foundation and development phases through advanced performance driven phases of training.