Train Smarter

Our premier training center and elite coaches utilize advanced technology and sports science to offer a unique objective data-driven approach to training. Each area of our 110,000 square foot facility is designed to enhance an athlete’s cognitive, physical, and technical development. We are dedicated to innovating tradition training and help take the game to the next level.


Striving to be at the forefront of innovation in soccer training technology, COPA Tech combines devices utilized by the largest soccer clubs in the world with those developed by COPA Innovation Laboratories.

facility-powergoal facility-powergoal
cube 93 cube 93
skills.lab arena skills.lab arena
skills.lab Arena
speedcourt 39 speedcourt 39
speedtrack 79 speedtrack 79
double speed court 79 double speed court 79
Double SpeedCourt
facility-mini-cube facility-mini-cube
Mini Cube
kids-speed-zone6 kids-speed-zone6
Kids Speed Zone
force plate update1 force plate update1
Force Plate
facility-speedcourt5 facility-speedcourt5


COPA Soccer Training Center’s 110,000 square foot facility has a space for people of all ages, from dynamic soccer training spaces to state-of-the-art fitness areas.

futsal-facility futsal-facility
Futsal Arena
turf arena facility turf arena facility
Turf Arena
technique facility7 technique facility7
Technique Studios
kids-turf-arena8 kids-turf-arena8
Kids Turf Arena
athletic performance facility7 athletic performance facility7
COPA Athletic Performance
Interested in purchasing one of COPA’s proprietary technologies?
This platform detects and measures acceleration, reaction time, and thrust dispersion to help train and optimize an athlete’s vertical leap and explosive performance.
The only one of its kind in the world, it’s designed to develop cognitive and locomotor skills in an engaging environment filled with cheers and lights for each successful shot.
Located on our Ecore performance futsal arenas and 20 meters from side to side, these colored tiles are designed to measure and track your speed, endurance, and agility.
A monitor relays visual cues to colorful ground sensors to help develop directionality, spatial awareness, and make cognitive decisions in a fun and educational environment.

Train individually or with a team on our professional-grade turf to increase your processing speeds, agility, reaction time, and develop efficient and effective movement skills.

With laser sensors staggered across a 30-yard synthetic track, see your results every step of the way immediately projected on the TV screen.
Track and improve your processing speeds, agility, reaction time, and develop efficient and effective movement skills.
The only one of its kind in North America, it’s a full 360° of digital screens and scoreboard with 6 ball launchers and sensors to measure, replicate, and train almost every aspect of the game.
This proprietary technology is an immersive experience designed to train spatial awareness, power, accuracy, speed, footwork, and decision-making skills.

Receive immediate feedback on each shot with a backstop composed of hundreds of LED sensors designed to measure accuracy, power, and timing.