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Even the youngest players will find a home at COPA Soccer Training Center.

COPA Kids provides a fun-filled learning environment for children 18 months through 7 years, focusing on the development and refinement of body control and locomotor skills, progressing to soccer-specific skills and game-play fundamentals.


We provide COPA Kids and their families with a safe, encouraging environment where children can thrive and build self-confidence and begin to know and love the game.



COPA Kids programs are designed to instill and build a strong foundation for competitive or recreational play.


18 Mo. - 2 Years

Focus on developing the children’s coordination, balance, and imagination

4 - 5 Years

Children in this class will learn how to dribble and kick the soccer ball with both feet and will participate in a variety of fun games

6 - 7 Years

Activities will be targeted to help players continue developing their technical skills and incorporating more passing, shooting, and basic ball control into their game

3 - 4 Years

Play games that develop listening skills, as well as agility, coordination, and balance

5 - 6 Years

Fun activities and fundamentals training that refine the skills from earlier sessions and introduces new ones. Learning sportsmanship and teamwork.

7 - 8 Years

. The improvements will become building blocks for the later learning of sport-specific skills