Veteran D1 College Head Coach Adam Cooper joins COPA STC as College Director to lead Revolutionary College ID Camps

COPA Soccer Training Center is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking initiative that is set to redefine the landscape of college soccer recruiting: the COPA College ID Camps. Under the esteemed leadership of Adam Cooper, the revered Head Coach of Saint Mary’s College of CA Division I Men’s soccer team, these camps are poised to offer an unparalleled opportunity for young athletes aspiring to make their mark in collegiate soccer.
Adam Cooper, affectionately known as “Coop,” brings to the table a storied history of success, having propelled the Saint Mary’s College soccer program to new heights since 2006. With multiple championships and awards under his belt, including the United Soccer Coaches Division 1 National Staff of the Year in 2018 and being a four-time West Coast Conference Coach of the Year, Cooper’s expertise and vision are unmatched. His track record of developing players who have been drafted by MLS and embarked on professional soccer careers speaks volumes of his commitment to excellence and player development.
Beyond his success in the college game, Cooper has led Walnut Creek Surf SC as the Director of Coaching since 2018 and worked extensively in the Olympic Development Program since 2002.

What Sets the COPA College ID Camps Apart?

At the heart of the COPA College ID Camps is a commitment to revolutionizing the college recruiting process. Players participating in the camps will receive a comprehensive player assessment, showcase their skills in an 11v11 exhibition game in front of college recruiters, and have their assessment data shared directly with college coaches.
Adam Cooper shared his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “The COPA College ID Camps represent a monumental shift in how young athletes are discovered and evaluated. Our objective assessment and data-sharing approach ensure that talent is recognized in a transparent and equitable manner, leveling the playing field for all aspiring collegiate soccer players.”
For the Players: A Gateway to Collegiate Soccer
The COPA College ID Camps herald a revolutionary approach in college soccer recruiting by uniquely aligning young athletes’ talents with college coaches’ scouting needs through a highly advanced, technology-driven program. In an unparalleled setup, athletes showcase their skills in an 11v11 game watched by college coaches and undergo a detailed objective player assessment in COPA STC’s technologically sophisticated “Laboratory.”
For the College Coaches: A New Standard in Talent Identification
This process not only provides athletes with a comprehensive performance report and benchmarks against collegiate standards but also offers college coaches a new lens for talent identification. They gain insights into each player’s capabilities and how these compare to their team’s needs, thanks to the objective data derived from assessments their team has taken part in at COPA STC. COPA has assessed over 5000 players across the levels in recent years and the value of that data is starting to come to the fore, with the ability to benchmark prospective players against active collegiate players. It gives a layer of context to the data not found anywhere else.

Adam Cooper underscores this approach’s uniqueness, aiming to elevate young athletes’ visibility while streamlining college coaches’ recruitment process. This innovative method, focusing on data-driven decisions, promises to reshape the future of college soccer recruiting, making the COPA College ID Camps a pioneering initiative that benefits both aspiring players and collegiate programs.

Looking Forward
COPA STC, already renowned for its pioneering approach to soccer training and player development, is excited to add the COPA College ID Camps to its repertoire. With the expertise of Adam Cooper and the innovative use of technology, these camps are set to offer a unique and effective pathway for young athletes striving to reach the collegiate level.
“Bringing someone of Adam Cooper’s experience on board to lead the COPA College ID Camps underscores our commitment to providing a transformative experience for both players and coaches,” said Barry McCabe, COPA’s Director of Talent ID & Science. “This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to re-imagine the typical scouting process into an objective, data-backed process.”
As the future of college recruiting unfolds, COPA College ID Camps intend to be at the forefront, ready to usher in a new era of opportunities for young athletes and college soccer programs alike.
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