COPA Soccer Training Center uses a purposeful practice methodology to help athletes achieve their goals.

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“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi.
COPA STC strives to combine training methodologies rooted in sports science with cutting-edge technologies to transcend player development and identification through assessment-based training. This data-driven approach provides an objective quantitative benchmark to measure an athlete’s progress while acting as the driving catalyst behind engaging feedback loops and integrating gamification into our training environment.
Purposeful Approach
COPA uses a purposeful practice methodology to help athletes achieve their goals. This methodology relies on key aspects integral to accelerating the athletes’ skills:
1. We understand the athlete and set specific learning objectives. It is crucial to understand an athlete’s needs, goals, and learning style in order to achieve optimal results. Our coaches work with each athlete to help set the objective of the training and then follow a curriculum based on the athlete’s needs and objectives.
a. Complete an assessment to identify skill levels
b. Establish communication to understand needs and goals
c. This creates a clear learning objective
d. With specific goals established, feedback is utilized to optimize development
2. Establish and provide appropriate feedback. Feedback is delivered through the combination of our innovative technology and certified coaches to guide the athlete toward the acquisition and development of skills. This feedback is specific to the performance of the skill and follows each session via engaging assets like scorecards, training dashboards, and video analyses. The technology in our training spaces allows us to deliver in-session immediate feedback displaying meaningful metrics. We utilize our unique assessment scorecards, video analysis, and additional tools to accelerate the development of the athlete. The objective is to:
a. Engage the athlete – create opportunities to understand the objectives
b. Guide the athlete – ensure their learning stays on course and in line with the objective
c. Motivate the athlete – utilize scoring, benchmarks, and goals to push the effort
d. Build a supportive environment – develop the support of family, club, and coaches
3. Provide an appropriate training environment to engage and challenge. It must strike a balance between creating an environment where the athlete is both pushing and enjoying themselves while serving their needs. We do that by creating a gamified environment with the aid of our technology and certified coaches. Repetition with a focus on the established objective can be delivered through a variety of progressive and challenging games. This helps develop a deeper understanding of the skill and transfer it to the game.
4. The athlete must have intent. This is key to skills acquisition and long-term development. Intent can be created if the above elements are delivered well in combination. It is this aspect of the development experience that pushes neuroplastic changes in the brain and body.
Neuroplasticity is the change that occurs in the brain in response to new information or experiences. This can be rapid in a developing brain, where the wiring of the brain can be positively influenced, specifically with the acquisition of new skills. We aim to ensure these new skills are properly taught, serving as a base for future performance and longevity in sports.
The Keys to Success
We want to help every athlete acquire and develop the necessary skills to succeed both on and off the pitch. This involves a dedicated approach from both COPA and the athlete in order to create meaningful change. These are the four key points to successfully developing soccer skills:
1. The athlete is motivated and engaged
2. The learning environment is designed to serve the athlete
3. The training sessions challenge the athlete
4. The athlete receives actionable feedback
We are excited to bring these innovative opportunities to every athlete that comes to COPA STC. For more information about COPA STC’s bright future, please check out:

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