Oakland Roots Winning Partnership with COPA STC

Utilizing COPA STC's innovative training center, The Roots are excited to take their game to the next level with their new partnership.

Walnut Creek-based Hotel, Real Estate, and Sports Technology Entrepreneur, Mark Hall, has sold his United Soccer League (“USL”) Division II Championship League Professional Sports License to the Oakland Roots Sports Club. In conjunction with this transaction, Hall’s Walnut Creek-based COPA Soccer Training Center has entered into a multi-year agreement with the Roots for covering team training events at COPA Soccer Training Center, joint marketing initiatives, and advertisement and sponsorship for each organization.

“We are excited to see the Roots take their caliber of play to the next level, and to bring USL Championship matches to their Oakland based venue at Laney College. This is the beginning of a winning partnership between the Roots and COPA STC,” said Hall. Among the highlights of the partnership is the future “Roots at COPA Night” event at COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek, which will happen on one date during each season and will be coupled with a soccer camp. Also included will be a “COPA Match Night” featuring a COPA Soccer Training Center themed event at one home match per season. Roots will also keep their fan base up to date on news and happenings at COPA Soccer Training Center via email communication and social media.

“We are very excited to be able to train at COPA’s state-of-the-art soccer facility, and to enter this mutually supportive collaboration,” said Steven Aldrich, Oakland Roots Chair. “COPA Soccer Training Center is one of the most advanced, data-driven, and unique training venues in the entire world, and we are thrilled to be a part of the COPA story.” The relationship is expected to result in more collaborative opportunities for growth and support between both parties.

In addition to club activations, the Oakland Roots Sports Club will utilize COPA Soccer Training as one of their training facilities, joining other professional soccer players in their team development, including players from the United States Woman’s and Men’s National Team, San Jose Earthquakes, Los Angeles Galaxy, and many other Major League Soccer and United Soccer League teams. COPA Soccer Training Center is a highly advanced training facility that offers professional players, as well as the general public unique data analytics powered assessment-based approaches to individual development by leveraging sports science and technology with topflight coaches and sports science specialists. COPA is the anchor tenant of Walnut Creek’s Shadelands SportsMall, another dynamic project of Hall’s real estate development organization. Shadelands SportsMall contains 220,000 square feet of privately operated indoor sports training venues, including Soccer, Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball, and Taekwondo. Also included area fitness facility, Yoga, and food and beverage venues.

“We have been determined to bring a USL Championship team to the East Bay one way or the other, and the Roots have helped us accomplish our vision,” said Hall.“ The community will now have a mainstream national profile professional soccer team to help fill the void created by the loss of the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Raiders.”

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