Welcome to COPA STC, the premier soccer training facility for elite players and soccer enthusiasts alike. Our camps cater to those who are ambitious and looking to take their skills to the next level, as well as those who simply want to develop their soccer skills and have fun.

Our state-of-the-art technology and sports science training methodologies are designed to develop physical, technical, and decision-making abilities of elite players. At the same time, we create a comprehensive and engaging environment that fosters teamwork and gameplay, promoting growth and self-confidence in all players.

With camps for beginners and separate camps for elite athletes, our world-class opportunities will help you achieve your goals and experience in immersive and engaging soccer camps. Join us at COPA STC and take your game to the next level while having fun and developing your soccer skills.





When is the last day to register for Camps?
Camp registration will be closed 72 hours prior to the start of camp. Camp Directors will monitor the registration at time of closing and will decide whether to add or adjust capacities.
Can I only attend 1 or 2 days of the 4-day camps?
Camp Registration is for the entirety of the camp. Prorations and credits will not be applied if you cannot attend the full camp.
Are there sibling or multi-camp discounts?
No, COPA does not offer sibling or multi-camp discounts.
What is your refund policy if I can’t attend a camp I purchased?
All registrations are final. We do not offer refunds, schedule changes or transfers.
How are players grouped during camps?

Players are grouped based on age and then based on playing level. In some situations, players may be assigned a different group after the first day.

In the Elite Player Camp players will be grouped based on the results of their COPA Score and their development needs.

Can I be with my friends / teammates?
COPA STC makes their best effort to group friends but cannot be guaranteed. If you are looking to be grouped with a friend, you must submit this request in the registration process.
In the Elite Player Camp, how do you determine my schedule during the camp?
Your customized schedule is created as a result of your most recent COPA Score. The COPA Score objectively identifies a player’s development needs, and our team groups players based on their development needs. Refer to the sample Elite Player Camp calendar to understand how the week will look.
What is the requirement for the Elite Player Camp?
In order to qualify for the Elite Player Camp players must meet the below minimum requirements:
Players aged 9-11: skills.lab score of 55 or higher
Players aged 12+: skills.lab score of 30 or higher
How do I apply COPA Credits from my old membership towards camps?
COPA Credits can be applied towards the full price of camps only. Credits cannot be applied towards camps that have been purchased with the Early Bird or Member discount. To apply COPA Credits, you must be an active member at COPA STC at time of purchase. To apply your COPA Credits, please fill out the COPA Membership Request Form. All COPA Credits will expire 8/10/2023.