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Don’t see a session on the day and time that works for you? Take a moment to fill out our Session Add Request Form. We will do our absolute best to make sure you have a variety of training options here at COPA STC.

Scheduling Policies

How do I register for sessions?
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You can register for a session at COPA STC through your member account on DaySmart Recreation. Login to your account HERE. Once you are logged into your account, follow the steps below to register.
  • 1. Select the Register Tab
  • 2. Make sure you select the appropriate person from the drop down in the box “Who are you registering?
  • 3. Select the program box based on the age of the athlete you are registering. Example: 9-11yrs
  • 4. Select VIEW next to the type of session you are looking to book. Example: Gameplay, Soccer Training, Specialized Clinic
  • 5. Select Register to see days and times available. There is a day and time listed here but this is NOT the only day and time available- you need to select register to see all the offerings. NOTE: There is a price listed here but once in your cart you will not be charged if you already have a membership.
  • 6. Select the days and times you would like to register your athlete and proceed to checkout. Once you have booked, you can see all of your upcoming sessions in your Activities tab.*Please reference the following videos for some helpful registration tips and to avoid some common pitfalls.
What happens if I can’t attend a session I am registered for?
As all members at COPA STC are allowed unlimited sessions during a week, we ask that athletes only register for sessions they will attend. A $20.00 No Show Fee will be charged to the credit card on file the day following the class that was unattended. We understand circumstances may arise which would prohibit an athlete from attending a session. In this case, you are allowed to drop a session that your athlete is registered for up to 24 hours before your scheduled session begins. The $20.00 No Show Fee will only be charged for absences for sessions that have not been attended or for sessions that have been cancelled with less than 24 hours-notice. You can drop your session through the activities tab in your account dashboard.
  • 1. LOGIN to your DaySmart Recreation Account
  • 2. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, find the ‘Activities’ Tab
  • 3. Under ‘My Upcoming Events’ find the session that you are unable to attend
  • 4. Select the DROP option under the date of the session
  • 5. Please double check that you have selected the correct date and time and select Drop Event to confirm. (Once you have dropped a session, you lose your place in that session. You will need to re-register for the session through your membership portal if you decide at a later date to attend.)

* Your membership portal will only allow you to drop sessions that are included at no additional cost with your membership. If you have paid an additional amount for a session, you must fill out the Account Request Form found on the website requesting a cancellation no less than 24 hours prior to your session to receive a refund for the additional cost of the session. Any no shows for sessions you have paid an additional amount for without a submitted Account Request form or a form submitted less than 24-hours prior to the start will not be refunded and the cost of the session will be forfeited.
When is the schedule released?
On the 15th of each month, the following schedule is released on DaySmart. If the 15th falls on a weekend or a facility closure date, the schedule will be released on the next business day. During the first 48 hours of a schedule release, we impose a scheduling restriction.
Can I request a session I don’t see listed in your schedule?
Not finding a session that works with your schedule? We are monitoring capacities and doing our best to add sessions when needed. However, if there is a day or time that you would love to see us offer, please fill out our Member Session Add Request Form and we’ll do our best to accommodate. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT FORM
What is 48 Hour Scheduling Restriction?
We understand that not every parent can access the computer at 9am to book sessions when a schedule is released. To ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to schedule their preferred sessions, we limit each member to a maximum of two sessions per week for the upcoming month during the first 48 hours after the schedule is released. After this period, the restriction is lifted, and all members can schedule as many sessions as they intend to attend. However, if a member exceeds the two-session limit during the initial 48-hour window, their schedule will be removed, and their booking privileges will be suspended for up to 7 days.
What is the No Show and Late Drop Fee?
A $20.00 Fee will only be charged for sessions that have not been attended or for sessions that have been cancelled with less than 24 hours-notice.
Do you provide exceptions for illness?
Each member in good standing is provided up to 5 Late Drop Exemptions (refunds) per calendar year. Exemptions (refunds) will not be granted for any other reason, such as being stuck in traffic, a parent being stuck at work, vacation, conflicting schedules, or any other non-medical related reason.   To be eligible for a refund of the late drop fee, all prerequisites must be met:
  • 1. You must fill out the form within 72 hours of the session start time. Late submissions will not be considered, no exceptions. If you email us, call us, or fill out any other form, your request will not be processed.
  • 2. The session must be a late drop and not a no-show. Any no-shows will automatically be denied.
  • 3. You must have available exemptions.
  • 4. The form must be accurately completed with no errors. We will not process resubmissions.
  • 5. A doctor’s note indicating that the athlete was sick or injured on the day of the session must be uploaded. The doctor’s note must be dated accurately with the correct athlete’s name.
  • 6. You must be a respectful member and in good financial standing. Our staff reserves the right to deny any request in the event you or your family is disrespectful to our staff, the facility, or our membership community.
*Please note that failure to meet any of the prerequisites above will make you ineligible for a refund. This refund policy exceeds what is stated in the membership agreement that you signed. Exemptions will not roll over year to year. COPA STC reserves the right to retract this member benefit at any time without notice.
What are COPA STC’s holiday closures?

In accordance with our operational schedule, please note the planned closure dates for membership training at COPA STC, arranged chronologically:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday – Monday)

Thereafter, the center will be closed from July 1st to July 7th. This is our annual summer hiatus, during which we undertake essential maintenance and technology upgrades, while also providing our hard-working staff with a well-deserved break.

Following our summer closure, please take note of the following dates:

  • Labor Day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Week (Wednesday – Friday)

To round out the year, COPA STC will be closed from December 24th to January 1st for the holiday season. This period will also be used for facility upkeep, technological updates, and to give our staff time off to rejuvenate.

Additionally, COPA STC will close membership training for three other days during the year for staff development purposes. The dates for these closures will be announced well in advance.

Please note that these dates are planned closures. However, COPA STC reserves the right to close membership training for other reasons at its discretion. We understand that this might cause some inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding as we work towards creating a better training environment for our valued members.