Diablo Valley Volleyball Club Partners with SpeedLab at COPA Soccer Training Center

Diablo Valley Volleyball Club athletes bring their talent to the most technologically advanced training facility in the Bay Area.

Train Today To Succeed Tomorrow

COPA Soccer Training Center’s SpeedLab is proud to officially announce its partnership with Diablo Valley Volleyball Club. With COPA’s mission of harnessing the latest in advanced technologies to become the global standard in talent development and Diablo VBC’s goal of improving its athletes’ knowledge and skills, this synergy will allow the young athletes to develop, improve, and have fun.
The 2021-2022 season saw this partnership kick off as both organizations looked for ways to collaborate and serve local youth athletes. The highly regarded volleyball program utilized SpeedLab’s cutting-edge technology and elite coaches to enhance their training during the week. The athletes experienced an array of instructions to develop and improve their athletic performance and injury resiliency – running, jumping and landing mechanics, and power development. With the progress he saw in the athletes, Sean Stratton, President of Diablo Volleyball, decided to bring the program’s talents back for their 2022-2023 season. “The partnership between Diablo Valley Volleyball Club and COPA has been amazing,” expressed Stratton. “The keys that we are looking for in our athletes are merged with the same philosophy as COPA. They are centered around developing the whole athlete as well as helping in minimizing the potential for injury, giving the players an understanding of their body and what they can do to take better care of their own bodies in the future.” Nine teams and over 100 athletes have started their weekly training sessions that will continue the length of their season, ending in mid-May.

Taking place predominantly in the Performance Center, the athletes will experience the SpeedLab Score – an assessment-based approach to athletic development. This takes place at the start of the program with the goal of constantly optimizing the development of these young athletes. Hyper-focused training will occur throughout to develop key skills highlighted in the SpeedLab Score results. Feedback and engagement, true to COPA’s overall methodology, will also be throughout, utilizing our key tech partnerships with GlobalSpeed, Hawkin Dynamics, and Output Sports.

This year’s new and improved assessments will provide an in-depth analysis of each athlete’s performance in the form of a gamified scorecard. SpeedLab and Diablo VBC will be able to objectively track improvement and make comparisons between peers, as well as provide the coaching staff with an additional layer of info on their athletes. This creates a unique opportunity to help build a strong foundation of movement skills to progress during the program and help create a healthy relationship with strength training these athletes can carry forward throughout their lives.

This partnership between COPA STC’s SpeedLab and Diablo VBC establishes the groundwork for a bright future and helps each athlete reach their full potential.

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