Social Distancing Programs
Our coaches & staff are constantly undergoing testing to ensure the safety of our members.

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COPA Soccer Training Center is approved to open for camps and small group training to bring back a little form of normalcy for our athletes. With 16 unique training spaces throughout 110,000 sqft and a strategic social distancing protocol, we are focused on ensuring a safe and exciting training environment for coaches and players.



Ages 8 - 19
Available Spots: 22

COPA Train is a unique small group training experience which combines elite coaching with innovative training technology only found at the world’s top clubs. Utilizing safe social distancing practices, COPA Train creates an environment of deliberate practice focused on the cognitive, physical, and technical components of the game of soccer. In addition to a weekly training session, each player receives a custom training kit and an individual assessment in the COPA Cube, Double SpeedCourt, SpeedTrack, and PowerBox.

Ages 8 - 19
Available Spots: 26

SpeedLab utilizes proven training methods, world class training technology, and certified coaches to foster long term development of crucial athletic skills, such as running technique, agility and strength patterns. By gradually re-establishing effective and efficient movement skills, members progress and develop into more dynamic and explosive athletes for their chosen sport.
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Ages 8 - 19
Available Spots: 19

Enroll in soccer camps that utilize COPA STC’s innovative technologies and elite coaches to develop camper’s skills in a fun environment. Whether you’re looking to go pro or just learning the beautiful game, there’s a COPA Camp built for you.

Ages 18 months - 8
Available Spots: 28

COPA Kids is a fun-filled program designed to provide an encouraging environment to introduce children to the game of soccer. Our curriculum teaches locomotor skills, foundations of movement and soccer fundamentals. The COPA Kids methodology strengthens and improves cognitive abilities and builds self-confidence through guided exploration and games.


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As a condition of returning to COPA STC, the County Health Department requires us to have you indicate during the registration process that your child has a parent or guardian that is an owner, an employee, a volunteer, or works for a company that contracts to provide services or materials to an Essential Business, an Essential Governmental Function, an Outdoor Business, or is involved in the Minimum Basic Operations of any business or organization.

Current members will re-register for a new day and time on All current members will be credited the difference between their last billing date and membership freeze date (March 16th unless indicated earlier). The new billing date will reflect any outstanding credit on a member’s account. For example, if your new billing date is May 20th but you have an account credit of 10 days, your billing date will be updated to May 30th.

Sessions will look and feel very similar to how they have been in the past, while also taking social distancing into account. Our technology throughout the building allows us to have significantly less touch points by nature. The quality of the session will be held to the same standards as it always has been and we are excited to provide the same service with creative social distancing sessions.

We will strictly adhere to the social distancing protocols that we have put into place in order to keep our members and staff safe. Members that do not abide by the COPA STC Social Distancing Protocol will be warned and will have their parents notified. Multiple warnings may lead to the member being asked to leave their session and the member may not permitted to attend future sessions.

All staff, member or qualified spectator will be required to wear a mask or face covering inside the building. If they choose, members will be permitted to remove their mask once they arrive in their training space. We highly encourage all members to wear a face covering or mask during their session.

For peace of mind, one parent/guardian will be permitted to attend their athlete’s first session. After this, we ask that all members attend their sessions alone. The policy is in place to limit the number of people inside the building, and therefore reduces the risk of contact throughout the facility.

In the event COPA STC is notified that a member or coach tests positive for COVID-19, the groups that involve that coach/athlete will be notified.

Currently, our groups must remain stable with the same grouping of members and staff. Until this requirement is lifted, we will be temporarily suspending re-scheduling. Any session that is missed will result in a make-up credit that does not expire. We will announce when make-up credits will be available to use. (you must still be an active member to use this credit) We will also be allowing unlimited cancellations due to illness. Please give notice by 9am the day of your session if you cannot attend due to illness.

In order to provide you peace of mind during this uncertain environment, we are temporarily suspending our three-month minimum commitment. Memberships are month to month.

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