Anton Paar

COPA Innovation Laboratories is the Exclusive Distributor for Anton Paar SportsTec products in North and Central America, including being the exclusive representative for soliciting for sales of skills.lab and other future products. The core business of Anton Paar Group is developing, producing, and distributing analytical instruments. As the world market leader in various fields of measuring technology, Anton Paar has used this know-how in skills.lab Arena at COPA STC to support athletes in the improvement of their performance and talent identification. Anton Paar Group based in Graz, Austria.

NorCal Premier

In 2021, COPA STC became NorCal’s Official Sports Science Partner, entering a multi-year agreement to support NorCal’s Player Development Program, referred to as "NorCal PDP powered by COPA,” with COPA’s state-of-the-art performance assessment and skill acquisition technologies, as well as the home base for NorCal coach, club, and referee education events and meetings. NorCal Premier is a California nonprofit organization for developing players, clubs, coaches and referees in the passionate soccer region of Northern California.


COPA Innovation Laboratories is the exclusive distributor of GlobalSpeed products in North America. With seven of their training and assessment products in our flagship COPA Soccer Training Center in Walnut Creek, GlobalSpeed is a major part of our proprietary assessment program. GlobalSpeed is a team of sports scientists, sports engineers, technicians, and coaches who plan and implement innovative, state-of-the-art SpeedLab concepts with their own technology and methodology. GlobalSpeed is based in Hemsbach, Germany.

Oakland Roots

Oakland Roots and COPA Soccer Training Center entered a mutually supportive collaboration for talent ID and player development purposes. The Oakland Roots have utilized COPA STC'S core product, the COPA Score, to benchmark all first and second team players. Roots technical staff, along with their players, will harness the COPA Score and COPA STC as new innovative tools to unearth diamonds in the rough and further polish & refine their most valuable assets. In addition to club activations, the Oakland Roots will utilize COPA STC as one of their training facilities, joining other professional soccer players in their team’s development. The Oakland Roots Sports Club is an American soccer club based in Oakland, California joining the second division USL Championship in 2020.

Walnut Creek Surf

COPA STC and Walnut Creek Soccer Club partnership provides athletes with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help them reach their full potential. Objective assessments, progress tracking with the COPA Score, and performance training in the SpeedLab and Performance Center all contribute to the success of WCSC athletes. Building optimal sessions, curriculums and individual development plans for their athletes using objective data gathered from some of the world's most advanced technology sets them apart from others. Innovation takes collaboration. WCSC recognizes this and has been early adopter of COPA STC technology for the enhanced progress and development of both players and coaches. As this partnership continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more benefits for athletes looking to take their game to the next level.

Diablo Valley Volleyball

COPA Soccer Training Center’s SpeedLab is proud to partner with Diablo Valley Volleyball Club. With COPA’s mission of harnessing the latest in advanced technologies to become the global standard in talent development, and Diablo VBC’s goal of improving its athletes’ knowledge and skills, a collaboration was inevitable. Both COPA and Diablo Valley Volleyball Club share similar objectives for their athletes and which showcases a synergy of development and performance methodology. Both COPA and DVV are centered around developing the whole athlete as well as helping in minimizing the potential for injury. By providing the players with an objective data driven understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement, both COPA and DVV strive to create an optimal development environment for their athletes.




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