COPA Soccer Training Center is at its heart an assessment-based training center, conceived by individuals who believe that American youth soccer would benefit from a greater attention to skills development. As skills rest upon a foundation of sound physiological and cognitive performance, these movement, strength, and mental functions form the basis of our skills-oriented training program.

Taking an assessment-based approach, COPA Soccer Training Center utilizes leading edge technologies in a high intensity indoor controlled environment to measure critical cognitive, physiological, and skills metrics to create a comprehensive quantitative view of the athlete’s performance.

When metrics are collected and placed in a comparison data base of thousands with those of other athletes, then management of the youth development process can become more precise, accurate, and dynamic. Opinions and beliefs can be minimized, and reliance on objective criteria can drive the path to enhanced performance. Our name underscores this premise.

Comprehensive, Objective, Performance,  Assessment.  

COPA Soccer Training Center is reliant on controlled environment generated metrics developed through the most current technology. As technology is an ever-evolving art, COPA STC is therefore also about research and development of these technologies. We rely on these technologies to unlock new insights and deeper understanding. How these technologies are applied, and eventually developed into “best practices” entails experimentation around the nexus of training methodologies, youth development psychology and biology, and their engagement with new technological developments.

COPA thus is a Laboratory in a gym-science-based institution where innovation is valued, and experimentation happens daily. COPA STC is a very large experiment in youth soccer development. We welcome Coaches, Sports Scientists, Sports and youth Psychologists, Trainers, and other interested parties to share their observations on how we can all improve the youth development process and raise the level of play in the USA.