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Advanced Soccer Skills Training Ages 8 to adults

A training session utilizing several of our world-class training devices led by one of our master trainers. This introductory session serves as an evaluation opportunity for COPA Trainers to determine which training groups will optimize your athlete's development. You will get acclimated to our technology such as the Cube, Double SpeedCourt, and Ball Launchers before choosing your training program.

Enhancing Speed, Strength, and agility skills ages 8 to adults

A carefully curated 45-minute Biomechanical Analysis to understand athlete's movement patterns. The assessment will feature an on-site presentation of your athlete's video analysis accompanied by a take-home score report. Experience our expert SpeedLab coaches and training technology with the performance assessment.

Fun and encouraging soccer training for ages 18 mo - 8 years old

Enroll in a FREE Kids Class Today to learn if COPA Kids is the right program for your young soccer player. Watch your child have fun in our soccer class focused on creating an engaging and beneficial environment for them to grow and thrive. No strings attached, we can’t wait to see you in our next COPA Kids class Today!


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Why copa train?

The secret to getting better is practice. Ball launching technology maximizes the amount of purposeful touches we get on the ball to help our athletes feel comfortable and confident in any scenario.

Don’t just be good in practice –be great in the game. Dynamic and random game like movements are replicated in our training technology which requires athletes to make decisions based on random stimulus. With feedback from professional expert coaches athletes identify their mistakes and learn how to improve each session.

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated in training –how do you know your improving? What should your goals be? We use technology to provide immediate feedback so athletes can set and accomplish goals daily in training sessions. They’re rewarded when they break a record or improve their score -whether it is their personal assessment score or one drill in that day’s group training session.

Why speedlab?

Since childhood young humans are constantly on the move, but have they ever been taught how to move properly? With research proven methods your athlete will learn how to run and move properly to maximize sports performance, decrease the risk of injury and enhance speed.

Athletes of all sports are expected to physically perform to their best of their abilities on a daily basis. With special emphasis on training physical skills such as multidirectional quickness, speed, acceleration, and agility your athlete will feel more confident whether it is in practice or the game. A carefully curated training program lead by expert coaches will help your athlete build the right strength and movement skills to see improvement with their long-term development plan.

How do we know our training methods work? Technology. Our SpeedTrack will measure their 2.5, 10, 20, and 30 yard times –Our SpeedCourt will provide data on their quickness and movement –Our Hawkin Dynamics Force Plate will measure their force and power. SpeedLab coaches will leverage the space to provide them meaningful training curriculum, measured against our technology to support your athlete’s success.

Why kids?

Children begin major leaps in their physical development around the age of 2 when they start to walk, run, and jump. With a fun environment and the introduction of a soccer ball, your young athlete will be able to practice and learn to develop these new skills using soccer as a tool. Witness their coordination and locomotor skills improve all while they are having fun learning a new sport with their COPA Coaches!

Young athletes are best engaged and most successful with great coaches in a fun environment. Improve your athlete’s technical soccer skills by learning and improving their fundamental skills through repetition based sessions. We make your athlete’s training fun with engaging technology to practice their reaction skills, ball control skills, footwork, and more.

While young athlete’s bodies are growing rapidly so are their brains. They’ll grow their overall spatial awareness, work on their critical thinking skills, and develop their visual reaction skills while they train in their weekly session. We build these brain skills with our SpeedZone, Mini Cube, reactive light driven awareness technology, and ball launching technology.

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