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Welcome to COPA PLAY YOUTH! As the most technologically advanced training facility in the Bay Area, we offer the best youth soccer leagues, tournaments, and open play.

At COPA STC, we are a team.

Our differences make us great. We are athletes with diverse backgrounds continuing to cultivate a safe, fun, competitive, and welcoming community. Together, we provide everyone with the opportunity to play the sport we love.


Join the exciting action of COPA’s Youth Futsal Leagues and Tournaments! Guaranteed more touches, more shots, and more fun. All games are played in our Turf Arena & Futsal Arena which both feature a 10mm Nike Grind SmashPad underlayment to enhance player safety and performance. Each gender and age group will feature multiple divisions to maximize the competitive balance.




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COPA Play Services Request Form
Need to get a hold of our COPA Play Staff? Scheduling conflict? Roster Update? Please fill out our customer service form and our staff will reach out to answer your questions.


1. How do I register a new team?
To register for the adult leagues, you need to create a COPA STC Day Smart Recreation Account and click Register. Then you will select Team Manager and register the team for your preferred level.
You must put down at least a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your place in the league.
2. How do I re-register a team for the next league season?
Re-registering a team with Day Smart Recreation is easy. As the team manager, you go to your Day Smart Recreation dashboard and open the register tab. Select Adult Leagues and Tournaments and then select the level that you want to play in.
You can then select to import your team’s roster and put down the $100 non-refundable deposit.
3. What are the league rules?
You can then select to import your team’s roster and put down the $100 non-refundable deposit.
Please note the league rules points of emphasis.
Review our COPA Play Adult Leagues and Tournaments Handbook to see our policies, implementations, and procedures.
COPA Leagues Rule Exemptions COPA League Point of Emphasis
Running clock- the clock does not stop unless there is a prolonged stoppage and is directed to stop at the referee's discretion.
All players must be properly and legally equipped. Shin guards must be worn at all times. Jewelry is now allowed.
No timeouts
Free kicks are direct per FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game
Goalkeeper can throw the ball anywhere on the field
All players must have a number on the back of their Jerseys.
The ball can be played back to the goalkeeper without restrictions
All Players must be 3 yds back from kicks and corners and 5yds from a free kick
No playing on the ground
Zero tolerance to swearing- any swearing in any language that is deemed aggressive language towards a participate may result in a yellow card.
No blue Cards
All players have four second to inbound the ball for all 5v5 games.
4. How do I reschedule a game?
To reschedule a game, please fill out the COPA Play Service Request Form at least one week before the schedule change. Anything within a week of the game cannot be rescheduled.
5. If I am on multiple teams or change teams, will I need to get a new jersey?
That depends on the team. If the team you move to has the same color jersey and your number is available for that team, then you do not need a new jersey. However, if you do need a new jersey, you can fill out the COPA Play Service Request Form and we will have your jersey ready within two weeks of your request. Jerseys cost $20 and are printed on every Monday.
*Please note that you are responsible for coordinating with your team what number you will be wearing. If you place a new order for a jersey and the number and there is a number conflict with the new team, then you are responsible for ordering the correct number.
6. How do I get placed on a team if I am a free agent?
Once you sign up as a free agent our League Managers will place you on a team that has requested to have another player join them. Then we will connect you with the team manager via email and you will be given you jerseys either the first week of the season or when you are placed on the team.

1. How do I invite players to my team?
Day Smart Recreation allows team managers to add all their players at once. Go to your dashboard inside of Day Smart Recreation and click Manage Team. Then you will see the option to invite players. Add player’s email addresses and send a message on how to join.
Team managers can add players to a team’s roster up to the end of the sixth week of game play. Please sure players are on the Day Smart Recreation team roster before the day of the game. If you try to add a player the day of the game or at COPA Soccer Training Center the player may not be able to play in the game.
2. How can I manage collecting team fees and when are the fees due?
A team can make their team payment in several ways. It is important to know that the team manager is responsible for the complete payment of the season team registration.
COPA Play requires that all teams pay a minimum of $667 by 9:00 AM of the first Monday of the season. Full adult fees should be paid no later than 9:00 AM on the third Monday of the league season. Team managers can either individually split fees within Day Smart Recreation or the team manager can make the full payment.
A team manager can evenly split fees within their team on Day Smart Recreation’s dashboard. If you add a player after splitting dues, please go in and redistribute the fees. You can do so by pushing the button next to evenly split fees, zero out fees, then choosing to split fees again.
COPA STC will not issue refunds for dues that were incorrectly split within the team unless the overall team fee was overpaid. It is the team’s responsibility to resolve that issue. The other options are to have the team manager collect the fees from the team and pay the cost themselves.

1. What are the perks and the cost of Adult Programs Annual Membership?
The Adult Programs Annual Membership grants you access to play in the leagues and you get two jerseys that correlate with the color of the team that you are on. Additionally, the membership gets you exclusive discounts on Open Play, COPA Play Tournaments, Kids Camps, and you get access to our league socials and end of season parties.
Finally, you will get the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art devices and technology such as The Cube, Skills Labe, and Playsight.
2. How long does my Adult Program Membership last?
The Adult Program Membership last 1 year from the date of purchase.

1. How do I register for Open Play?
Once you have created your Day Smart Recreation account you will go to the register tab and click on Open Play. You can then select the days that you want to participate in Open Play. You must register before the event starts and all of our events have a maximum capacity, so they do sell out. We recommend that you reserve your spot as soon as possible.
2. Do you offer any discounts for Open Play?
There are two ways to receive a discount on Open Play. All Adult Program Members receive a 33% discount on Open Play. You can also purchase a 10-pack of Open Play Credits on the passes and memberships tab on your Day Smart Recreation dashboard. You receive a $30 discount for ten credits of Open Play.
3. How do I apply my Open Play Credits?
Once you put the Open Play sessions into the cart and checkout you will see an “apply” button. Click that button and it will show up as a zero-dollar charge.

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